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Pioneering the Future of Recreational Relaxation.

In the dynamic landscape of recreational choices, CLDZ emerges as a groundbreaking cannabis company, offering an innovative alternative to traditional alcohol consumption. Founded in 2021 by Dean Baltulonis and Steve Pica, CLDZ redefines leisure and relaxation. It provides an avenue for enjoyment that aligns with evolving lifestyles.

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11 hydroxy THC

Conventional mixtures are a less clear-headed and more disorienting high. This, combined with the prolonged onset time of non-nano edibles, has been known to cause unfavorable reactions in some individuals.

Nano-emulsified THC is absorbed through mucus membranes, such as your stomach lining, it’s more balanced and the body/head high is more relaxing. This effect is faster acting and similar to vaping.


rapid onset relaxation

Nano emulsions are tiny droplets of oil suspended in a liquid.  In the context of the human body, nano emulsions are used to improve the delivery of certain substances, such as THC, because their small size allows for better absorption and distribution.

Here’s how nano emulsions work in simple terms within the human body:

Tiny Droplets: Imagine you have a mixture of oil and water, which normally don’t mix well. Nano emulsions break down the oil (or cannabis extract) into tiny droplets so small that they become evenly dispersed in water. This is like turning oil into very small oil droplets in a glass of water.

Enhanced Absorption: When you consume a substance in a nano-emulsion form, the tiny droplets have a much larger surface area compared to larger droplets or conventional mixtures. This increased surface area makes it easier for your body to absorb the substance. Think of it as breaking a large chocolate bar into tiny pieces; it’s easier to eat the small pieces quickly.

Improved Bioavailability: Because the substance is broken down into such small droplets, it can pass through the body’s barriers more effectively. This means that when you take a cannabis gummy or beverage in a nano emulsion form, your body can absorb and use a higher percentage of the THC. It’s like making sure that most of the cannabis you take actually gets into your bloodstream and reaches the target area.

In summary, nano emulsions work in the human body by breaking down substances into tiny droplets, which enhances their absorption and improves their effectiveness. This technology is used in all CLDZ products to make sure that the cannabis consumed is utilized more efficiently by our bodies.

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